Unique Architecture of Bhutan

Typical Bhutanese House Bhutan's Architecture is one of the most unique in world. In the traditonal architecture there is an intense use of wood, stone and mud. And in some cases they dont even use any stones, but they beat the clay to form the hard wall, that are very stable. And there is not usage of any cement or iron rod in construting the walls of the building. But the interlock the stones in such a way that it is resistant to the earth quakes. And in the wood they never used any nails. The woods and fixed and interlocked in such a way that, it can hold each other without any nails. And even we didnt have any CGI sheets for roofing, but the people of Bhutan have used shingles and bamboo mates for roofing. As there in no nails the shingles and bamboo mates kept in contact with the help of rows of stone, on top to protect from wind. We use to have very big struture call Dzong(Fortress) and this structure are mainly bulit by Zhabdrung and you will be amazed to see this structures which are built without any paper works.

But with eduataion and globalisation, there are lot of modern architects and modern buliding are coming up. And now a days people statrted to use cement and iron rod, but there the exteriror buildings should meet the basic of tradional design, else you wont allow to build any struture. And in Bhutan roofing the building is compulsory and now people use CGI sheets. Handicraft in Bhutan