Bhutanese Life Style

In the earlier days most of the people are farmers and they lead a very simple farming life. Thier day begin with visiting the cattle shed to see if evrything is okay with thier calltes. After that they will fresh up them self, burn the insense outside thier home and water offering in the alter. Every Bhutanese house will have an alter room where they make offering to the God. And usully in the olden days the family will be large whereby on average the family will have about 6 kids. So after meals they will go for thier respective work like some will go for farm work, where as some go for cattle herding.
People gathering in neighbours house during Puja Usually people in village do labour exchange, and when they go to work for others, they will be served with all meals. In Bhutan farming are suitable only in summer as winters are cold and dry. So they work whole summer and in Autumn they will harvest and winter is more or less a resting season. And in winter evry household perform and puja(Rimdo) to please with local diety and bless the family good health. And on top is sort of the community gathering. On that the neighbours will go to that house whereby they will be served with the meals, and drinks. The good part of it is the owner will serve thier guest with heated locally brewed alcohol which will keep them warm from winter cold. After meals they will stay late night singing and dancing and those who are in the audience side will have to sponser with some cash to those who performs.

In the urban areas the life is bit different then rural life. Most of the people in urban areas work in government offices or private offices to make thier living. So thier life is bit tight as they need to follow the office timings. And with the introduction of TV and Internet the life in urban is changing and the youth here tries and copies the life of other country. And you can see more of youths in Urban areas with jeans and T-shirts rather then Bhutanese National dress Gho and Kira