Spiritual Life in Bhutan

National Memorial Chorten Bhutanese people like to lead a spiritual life rather then busy materilistic life although with development and globalisation the trend is changing. Even today we can see lot of people spent most of thier liesure time by dedicating to religion. People here dont go for evening or morning walk but most of them prefer to go to near by temple or stupa and circumambulate it. By circumambulating such temples or stupas it is said that will gain a good merit. And if you want to see this, the best place in Thimphu is
National Memorial Chorten
whereby you will see lot of senior citizens circumambulating this stupa. Some of them come with packed lunch and they stay whole day chating plrayers and circumabmulating the stupa.
Here in Bhutan where most of the people are Buddhist and in Buddhist society we strongly belief in the rebirth or next life. So people take care and prepare for next life. Especially the old age people above 65 years they wont work any more, rather liek to spent thie time with children and grand children dedicating thier life in prayer for rest of the life. There is a popular saying in our society that,
"If you want know how was your previous life, just look at the present life, and if you want to see how your next life will be, just see on your present deeds"

Bhutan as a buddhsit country, have lot of buddhist monasteries and temples whereby there are lot of monks. And this monks join by their choice and not under any compulsion knowing that it will be better to enjoy spiritual life then materilistic life. Bhutanese people praying