Un Expected Things In Bhutan

Handicraft in Bhutan Bhutan although is developing country, but you can see lot of unexpected things in Bhutan. The education up to 10 standard is 100% free. All sponsored by governemnt. And even if we are good at studies the students here will have chance to study till college which will be free of cost although we need to qualify for the government colleges.

The health facilities are free in Bhutan. Unlike most of the countries the people of Bhutan dont have to make medical expenses. Those disease which can be treated within country are treated here only and those severe like cancer, kindey transplant etc are send abroad and the expesnes are borned by Government.
Another thing is although our people are not that rich we rarely see any beegers on street which is very common case to our neighbouring countries. Farm House Restaurant in Punakha

Bhutanese people are introvated, shay but are generious. They dont speak so openly like the western people does, but we Bhutanese have always respect for others. So if you happen to visit Bhutan you will see the people will atleast welcome you with smiles on thier face and have a courtsey to greet you.

Bhutanese are very self centered and they dont expose much to other people, but if you happend to visit Punakha, which is home to one of the most unusual shrines in Buddhism. There is one temple(Chimi Lhakhang) dedicated to Lam Drukpa Kuenley, a tantric Buddhist saint known for his unconditional way of teaching.
And if you visit one village in Punakha, Mitsina you will find the carvings and paitings of male Phallus. Sex was Drukpa Kuenleys way of blessing the devotees. It is said that he made love to more than 5000 females in his lifetime and is believed the sex act can help devotees on the path to enlightment. Chimi Lhakhakhang is also the pilgrim site to those wiching to bear a child.

The households around hang the woodend phallus or paint on thier walls to bless the home and promote harmony among the family members.