Gangtey Natural Trail
On Gangtey Natural trail

Gangtey Natural Trail starts from Gangtey Snagacholing Monastery and ends at Kiwang Lhakhang. It is one of the easy and popular trails that most of the visitors to Gangtey do. It takes a 1-hour plus. And the best thing is you will be able to spot Black Necked Cranes if you are hiking in winter.  View

The trail through the pine forest

From the monastery, we need to descend through the pine forest until you reach a stream and village. After crossing the stream you will be on the motorable road which is constructed recently and passes by the village. And at the wen do village you need to leave this motorable road and get into the pine first on the right side, there is no proper sign. 

Valley view
View of Gantey Valley

After that, you will be passing through a beautiful pine forest. And now there is not much ascent or descent and you can keep walking through the forest and on your right side is the marshy areas which are the roosting ground of Black Necked Cranes, one of the endangered bird species and they are winter visitors. If you are doing this hike in winter you will be able to see them and hear them making noise. As you continue you will be on the meadows and there is a canopy, so can rest there and enjoy the valley. This is one of the widest valleys in Bhutan. 

Gues to the small bridge just before completeing the hike

After that, you can continue until you reach Kiwang Lhakhang where your driver will be waiting. Be careful just before you reach Lhakhang you will have to pass through marshy trails 

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