Development Philosophy of Gross National Happiness

To the out side world Bhutan is populary known as the Country of Happiness which makes Bhutanese pround of. And the reason behind it is our Economy is determined determined by Gross National Happiness(GNH), unlike most of the country's economy is determined by by Gross National Product(GNP). This development philosophy of Gross National Happiness is founded by forth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck.
And this Philosophy of Gross National Happiness is supported by Four Pillars and 9 domains People of Bhutan

4 Pillars

1. Sustainable and equatable socio-economic development.
2. Conservation of Nature
3. Preservation and promotion of Culture
4. Good Governance

9 Domains

1. Psychological Welbeing
2. Ecological diversity and Resislience
3. Health
4. Education
5. Culture
6. Living Standard
7. Time use and balance
8. Community VitalitY
9. Good Goverence
Gross National Happiness is a unifying vision for Bhutan's five year planning process, and all major government initiatives comply with its principles.