Merak is actually 2 days walk from Rangjung which is 45 minutes drive from Trashingang. But now there is a motorable road which is not yet paved and it takes around 3 hours to reach this beautiful village.

The people who stay here nomads, they depend their livelihood on the animal product. They have totally different cultures including the language they speak although most of them can understand and speak Sharchop.

Polygamy does exist here, and it's the situation that demands. Generally, 2 brothers marry 1 wife, to ease their work. Since have to rear lot of animals, they need more manpower, so they divided among themselves, wife stays home and looks after children and household works, one husband looks after their animals, and one will do sell the animal product by bringing to lower valleys exchange for grains and reach the rations to the pasturelands to one who looks after animals.

But with modern development, there is lot of change in their lives. Even they started to grow some vegetables in the greenhouse which they don't grow earlier and with roads connected they prefer to sell their product for cash no more barter, so can buy all foodstuff from general shops. 

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