It's basically the vegetable market where people from neighboring villages come and sell their product.

Bhutan even imports vegetables from neighboring states of India too. This market is 2 storied and on the first floor, people are not allowed to sell any imported vegetables and it's strictly restricted to local produce. And all the imported vegetables are sold on the ground floor. 

Open: 08:00 to 20:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Lunch Break: No lunch break

Dress Code: No Formal Dress

Entry Fee: No Entry Field.

Photography:Photography is allowed

You will see people selling different farm produce and also some imported vegetables and fruits. There is a different section for vegetables, Fruits, Cereals, Fish, Flowers etc. And there are also small restaurants within the market.

Since shopkeepers have a difficult time with the kids, this market has even a daycare within, so they can just drop their kids at the day care.

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