Jakar Dzong which means "Fortress of White Bird" and it was founded by Zhabdrung great grandfather Ngagi Wangchuk. He was constructing a monastery in Bumthang and at that time he saw a white bird was flying and perched in the present location of the dzong. So he took it as a good omen and shifted his construction site to where bird perched. In 1549 he has completed the construction of the monastery and named it as Temple of White Bird.

After Zhabdrung has firmly established his power he ordered Trongsa Penlop Minjur Tempa to renovate an existing temple and build it into dzong and it was completed in 1646. Fourth Desi Tenzin Rabgay has also renovated in 1683. The dzong was badly damaged by an earth quake in 1897 and was reconstructed by the future first king Ugyen Wangchuck in 1905.

Open: Every day from 09:00 to 17:00 summer and 09:00-:16:00 in winter

Lunch Break: No lunch break

Dress Code: Need formal dress

Entry Fee:No entry Fees

Photography:Photography is allowed till courtyard

Like all other fortresses it is also used for dual administration. Half is used for administrative and it's the Bumthang district headquarter. And the other half is used by the monastic body which was started in 1998.

As you walk into the fortress the temple just below the central tower contains the Maitreya and the second temple houses lineage of Drukpa Lamas with principal statue as Yap Tenpay Nima, father of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. As you reach the second courtyard, to the right is the Kure, the monk's assembly hall and there the main figure is Phurba. And there is also a painting of 16 arhats. 

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