Mebartso which literally mean Burning Lake. According to legend, it's said that in 1475, one day when Pema Lingpa went to the forest in search of a mushroom, he was given a scroll by a stranger and disappeared. And on the scroll was instructed that he should go fetch the treasure from the rock called Narang on the opposite side of the river. So he along with five friends went to the site, as they were approaching he became very strange and he plunged into the gorge went to opposite site and came with the religious book.

So he shared the story people were skeptical and to prove the people in the same year in autumn he took a group of people to the same place, and he has lighted a lamp and prayed, "if I am demon let me die and if I am a spiritual son of Guru Rinpoche let this Lamp not go out and let me find a religious treasure". So after this, he plunged himself into the gorge and came back with a statue of Buddha and a skull with a lamp still burning. So it's given a name Burning Lake, though it's just a gorge on a river. 

Open: Any time through out year

Lunch Break: No

Dress Code: No formal Dress Required

Entry Fee:No entry Fees

Photography:Photography is allowed

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