At first it was started as a Takin (Budorcas Taxicolor) Zoo, but later it was changed to Preserve as the animal loses its freedom in Zoo. Takin is the National animal of Bhutan, and also one of the endangered mammal species. It's only found across the Himalayas.

Takin is a unique animal having a head that resembles the goat and the body of the cow. And according to Bhutanese mythology, in the 15th century when Lam Drukpa Kuenley who is popularly known as Devine Madman, visited Bhutan people want him to show some miracles. So he brought a cow and a goat for lunch and once they are done with lunch he has placed the head of the goat to the cow and commanded them to rise up and graze. So it stood up and started to graze and people say it's the new creature on earth. 

Open: Every day from 09:00 to 17:00 in summer and 09:00 to 16:00 in winter.

Lunch Break: No lunch break

Dress Code: Formal dress not necessary

Entry Fee: Need to buy a ticket.

Photography:Photography is allowed.

Basically it's the Takin preserve, so you will see only Takin grazing the big preserve. But you can see some other animals such as sambar deer and gorals. Basically for other species, it serves as rehabilitation for those injured ones.

Since it's a big preserve if you walk around you will be able to spot some birds too. The common birds that you can see are spotted nutcrackers, Dove, Laughing Thrush, etc. And also you will be able to see Himalayan Monal and Tragopan that are caged inside the preserve. 

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