Tsechu which literally means Tenth Day and in Bhutan its specifically in hnor of Guru Rinpoche and celebrating his deeds through the performance of sacred dances. These dances celebrate and to remember the activities of the masters for introducing and establishing Buddhism in the country. These dances assits in cultivatin faith and understanding the Guru's deed and also to educate the atendees.

During festivals there will be various mask dances and cultural program mainly to educated the people and also to entertain. And usually its believed performing such sacred dances, it wull pin down the negative forces and cultivate the positive energy. There will be lot of people during such festivals, as they take a break from thier route work and spend time with fmaily and also its beleived you get cleansed from negativity by attending such festivals.

Festival Tour are actually combination of Cultural Tour. There are festivals(Tsechu) in every district, and even in commnunities with the dates fixed accoring to lunar calander. So the following are some of the festivals that takes place in western side. The Tsechu's in Bhutan are very colorful with various mask dances which are performed by monks and lay people both with cultural programs in between. By participating in festivals, its believed one's sins gets cleansed.
Note: The itineray below is more to give you ideas, but it can be customized according to your convinence.