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Bumthang means the plain valley shaped like a water vase. (Bumpa-Vase, and Thang-Plain). It's one of the wide valleys but located at a higher elevation ranging from 2600 meters to 4000 meters. Under Bumthang basically, there are 4 valleys Chumey, Chamkhar, Tang, and Ura. Of which in Tang and Ura people depend on their livelihood on animals such as Yak and sheep, though they also cultivate buckwheat and wheat which are in small quantity. But the other two are in lower elevation so can cultivate more.

It's also a historical valley as even the Guru Padmasambhava visited this place in the 8th century and also a lot of great masters. And also had been a residence to the royal family too.

There is a huge number of temples and monasteries in Bumthang, that other valleys may not have.