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Happier us in Happy Bhutan!

Hi! We travelled to Bhutan from Delhi in the month of December. We stayed for 9 days in Bhutan. Bring your passports, 2 pair of clothes, a pair of shoes and leave the rest to Bhutan Travel Routers!

Well it all started with our honeymoon plans. I wished to visit a place that was calm & allowed us to know our thoughts better when together. So, the usual honeymoon destinations weren't appealing to me. Secondly, i did not had an exuberant budget. So Bhutan seemed fair owing to its proximity from India. I was inclined to Bhutan from the beginning. Then i started looking for agents and tour operators. Quotations were received but then i came across Bhutan Govt. website which clearly displays all the registered and recognized hotels, tour operators and agents. I was going through blogs as well and contacted a few of the Bhutan local tour operators. Well, out of the 3 agents i was interacting with, 2 were Thinley Dorji. Thinley Dorji is quite a popular name in Bhutan. There's a restaurant too with the same name. So yes, out of 2 Thinley Dorji 1 responded faster and that was Bhutan Travel Routers. Well, I had done lots of research and was clear about the cities I want to visit. Be it be Indian Tour Operators or big Multinational tour operating companies, none of them asked me my requirements, they just mailed me their itinerary. It was only Bhutan Travel Routers that emphasized on knowing what I was looking for. And what followed was a perfect itinerary I had wished for. I must say Thinley Dorji was a gentleman and at no point I was skeptical about him in any way. Our tour was more than perfect! Be it be the spotless car at our disposal, the hotels with the best views, Indian restaurants, treks and walks, evening tea, conversations, everything was just so very beautiful. Bhutan indeed is a happy place. For us it turned out to be happier because of Thinley Dorji & our driver. I was amazed with the sheer dedication they show when playing the host. The entire country had been a host to us. It was more than expected. The Kira, the Farm Dinner, the Welcome Cake, and many more instances were just surprises for us and mind you at no cost. In fact my husband was a kind of person who preferred backpacking travelling. But he totally had a changed perspective at the end of the tour and believes that travelling with a local tour operator gives so much insight and understanding about one's culture & country. Our experience with Bhutan Travel Routers has been just amazing. We would strongly recommend Bhutan Travel Routers if travelling in Bhutan. Thinley is a gem of a person and he will leave no stone unturned to make your holiday memorable.

Please do check the pictures i have uploaded. Bhutan is far more beautiful than you can see in pictures!

P.S I will definitely visit Bhutan again. See you soon Thinley!

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Mrs. Akanksha Sharma

Country: India

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more of Bhutan and in particularly Bhutan TravelRouters as the host.


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