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I visited Bhutan from 20th October 2018 to 25th October 2018 as a solo traveller with Bhutan Travel Routers (BTR).

Correspondence with Mr Thinley Dorji of BTR was a breeze. Thinley responded to my inquiry within a few hours and came up with a detailed itinerary, tailored to my interests and requirements. Given that I was rather swamped with work at that time, I left all the travel planning and reservation in the capable hands of Thinley and he was indeed very reliable and efficient. My flight to Bhutan was confirmed and visa was issued within five working days upon receipt of my remittance and passport details.

My six-day trip in Bhutan had been amazing, rewarding and memorable. Arriving at Paro international airport (PBH), I was greeted and welcome by Thinley himself and our driver (also named Thinley). With the company of ‘the duo Thinley’, I embarked my journey into the land of the thunder dragon. Thinley was very knowledgeable, flexible and accommodating in his approach. He proactively fine-tuned our travel itinerary after working out what I enjoyed doing most (i.e. nature, hiking and ‘monasteries hopping’). Furthermore, given my interest in mingling with the locals when I travel, I specifically requested for a more ‘locally-flavoured’ trip and the experience was indeed not to disappoint! In addition to the must-sees and -dos, we visited local restaurants and eateries, savoured local delicacies, indulged in street food, embraced the local culture and tradition, stayed in a farm house, interacted with local residents and played with their children, as well as took the less travelled paths only to discover more serene and breath-taking views.

I would like to express my gratitude to Thinley Dorji and his teams at BTR and acknowledge their tremendous effort in making this trip an amazing one. I genuinely think that travelling with ‘the duo Thinley’ has made all the difference. They were not only my guide or driver, but also my friends, companions and travel partners. I was very well looked after from the moment I exited the arrival terminal to the minute I departed PBH. My solo trip in the land of the thunder dragon had indeed turned into a ‘family trip’.

One regret that I had was that I had not planned for a longer trip. Nevertheless, I will definitely be back and without any hesitance travel with BTR again. I would strongly and happily recommend Thinley Dorji and his teams at BTR to anyone considering visiting Bhutan.

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Mr. Wirawan Jeong

Country: Australia

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more of Bhutan and in particularly Bhutan TravelRouters as the host.


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