A small Himalayan country, located between India and China. Bhutan has one of the most unique cultures and tradition which are still intact along with being one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. Nature preservation is one of its priority and the constitution mandates to keep 60% of its land under forest coverage at all times to come. As of now, 72% of the total area is under forest coverage making Bhutan the Carbon Negative Country. The developments are not measured in terms of GNP (Gross National Product) but in terms of GNH (Gross National Happiness).
The main source of revenue to the country is from hydroelectricity which is exported to India and the second is from Tourism. Bhutan is popular for its cultural, natural, spiritual, and adventure destinations. Do explore Bhutan with us!

Cultural Dance

Cultural Tour

Bhutan is one of the countries which are abided by ancient age-old cultures whereby they have their own way of doing things quite differently from other parts of the world. Bhutan has its own Language, Dress, Architecture, Religion, Food, Sports, etc. So as you travel you would see this unique culture of Bhutan.

Family Trip

Family Trip

We also offer family-friendly trips for those who want to travel to Bhutan with their kids. We try to mix the trip with some short hikes, some cultural and historic sites, some educational sites such as museums and parks and also some adventure such as river rafting if interested.



Bhutan has all sorts of trekking depending on one's choice, easy to very difficult,short to very long ones. Most of our treks are along the Himalayan mountain ranges whereby you will opportunity to see the glacier lakes and also you may come across some endangered animals on your route too.

Honeymoon Couple


We assure a beautiful beginning of your married life and let you have the best moment with your better half. We can customize the itinerary according to your preference where you will have a chance to see and explore this beautiful country and also will have a good time with your newly wedded spouse.

1. Guranteed Visa

We Guarantee your visa for anyone who is wishing to travel to Bhutan.

2. Complete Customization

You have the flexibility to create a special trip by adding the places of your interest and also the accommodations if you have any.

3. Flexible with Departure

We don't have any fixed departureas such, so you can plan and travel any time of your convinence.

4. No Hidden cost

There will no additional cost during your trip as the minimum daily package includes all meals, accommodation, transportation, guide, etc.

5. Authentic

We are very genuine and we always provide what we promise and also make sure you have an authentic experience in Bhutan.

6. One stop Travel Agency

Once you contact us we help you to plan and execute all your needs such as flight tickets and all other logistic arrangements.