Adventures in Bhutan

Bhutan is getting one of the top tourist destinations in the world as we do have a unique culture, pristine environment, and Gross National Happiness. But there are a lot of other adventure sports that one can experience in the country such as Cycling, Trekking, and Rafting.

Trekking in Bhutan
On Jumolhari Trek

Bhutan being a Himalayan country we do have a wide range of treks or day hikes in the country. Depending on the season we do have different treks. But most of the popular and difficult mountain treks can be done only in spring or autumn. Summers are too muddy and winter is too cold.

And most of the treks will take you through the Himalayan ranges with beautiful snow capped peaks and Galcier Lakes. On the treks you will be also able to see a lot of medicinal herbs and animals such as Marmot, blue sheep and if luck even Snow Leopard too.

Depending on how fit you are, we do have a different range of treks. If you are not so fit, but still love to do some we do have easy treks and for those who are very adventurous we do have one of the most difficult peak in the world, Snowman Trek

Cycling in Bhutan

Bhutan being a mountainous country gives a good opportunity for those cycling enthusiastic for both off-road and on the road which is on rising with a lot of tourist showing interest.  

There are a variety of biking routes available ranging from smooth journeys on paved roads to challenging off-road dirt trails that wind through rough terrain. The sport offers a certain intimacy with the environment that is seldom experienced in vehicles. With better roads replacing the old and the increasing number of off-road roads, biking is now becoming a very unique and original way of seeing and interacting with the country, people, and the Bhutanese environment.

Most of the biking trips are arranged through the paved roads as our traffics is relatively low so you may enjoy biking through paved roads too. And for those who are more adventurous can opt for those off roads too.

Bhutan also organizes one-day cycling race that's Tour of the Dragon starts in travels 255 km over 4 mountain passes. It is the toughest one-day mountain bike race in the world. Since it's very tough and also there is a lot of distance to cover it is categorized as an ultra-marathon mountain bike race on roads that happen to be extremely challenging. It's an annual event.  

Rafting in Bhutan

Bhutan is gifted with a lot of rivers. Almost all the valleys have rivers and most of them start from glaciers which gives an opportunity to do kayaking and rafting for those adventure lovers.

The river currents vary between slow, gentle flows in some places, and powerful, raging torrents can be found throughout the country. Although adventure sports and tourism are relatively recent introductions to Bhutan, they are rapidly gaining in popularity.  The best time for rafting and kayaking is from March to April and November to December.


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