Climate of Bhutan

The climate in Bhutan is extremely varied, which can be attributed to two main factors-the vast differences in altitude present in the country and the influence of North Indian monsoons.

Climate Zones of Bhutan

It's very difficult to generalize the climate of Bhutan being a mountainous country. It varies from one place to another. The weather varies with altitude and can also reach extreme hot and cold within a day.


Bhutan has Four seasons in a year.

1. Winter: The winter months are December, January, and February. It's pretty cold overall with heavy snow at mountains and  remains frozen at least at night in most of the places but day times are still okay. But the southern part of the country experiences favorable weather.


2. Spring: the month of March, April, and May are the spring season. It's one of the most beautiful seasons, with leaves on the trees starts to sprawl. And most of the flowers start to bloom. Most of the places experience light rainfall towards the end of the spring month.

3. Summer: Summer months are June, July, and August. It's the time when we get plenty of rainfall, and all the places become lush green.

4. Autumn: With monsoon, getting over again the weather becomes favorable, with less rain and not so cold. The beauty of this season most of the places become yellow as it's the time for harvesting and also the leaves on the deciduous become yellow before they shed off in winter.

But all these seasons have their own beauty. If you travel in winter you will get to see snowfall and most of the mountains being covered by snow. Spring is one of the best seasons to travel with favorable weather and will see flowers in bloom. Summer though it's rainy season but everything that you see will be lush green. And autumn with fall colors. 

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