Why Travel to Bhutan?

Unique Culture

Bhutan is also one of the countries which are abided by ancient age-old cultures. Bhutanese have their own way to do things quite differently from other parts of the world. Bhutan has its own Language, Dress, Architecture, Religion, Food, Sports, etc, which is unique to the outside world. A strong emphasis is laid on the promotion and preservation of its unique culture and tradition. 

Gross National Happiness

To the outside world, Bhutan is popularly known as the Country of Happiness which makes Bhutanese proud. And the reason behind it is our Economy is determined by Gross National Happiness(GNH), unlike most of the country's economy is determined by Gross National Product(GNP). This development philosophy of Gross National Happiness is founded by fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

Upon Bhutan’s proposal, the United Nations adopted ‘Happiness’ as a development indicator and all member states agreed that ‘Happiness’ should have a greater role in the development philosophy. Upon Bhutan’s proposal to the United Nations General Assembly in 2011, since 2012, every year, March 20 is celebrated as the International Happiness Day. 

Rich Biodiveristy

Bhutan is listed as one of the top 10 biodiversity hot spots in the world. Though Bhutan is a small country we do have a wide range of elevations. It starts with 100msl at the southern part to eternally frozen peaks in the north with just a 120 km crow flight. So Bhutan has 5500 vascular plants of which 129 and endemic to Bhutan.

Bhutan also has a good number of endangered species such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Red Panda, Takin, Golden Langur, Black Necked Cranes, White Bellied Herons, etc. And Yeti (Migo) is strongly believed to exist by many people across the Himalayas but it has remained elusive to science.

Sustainable Tourism

Bhutan has followed a cautious growth to tourism development since its opening in 1974 guided by the principles of ‘High value, Low volume’. The core of this policy principle is to promote tourism in a sustainable manner that will meet the needs of the present tourists and destinations while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future.

The reason for Bhutan being recognized as a top sustainable tourism destination is because of this guiding tourism policy principle of ‘High value, Low volume’ tourism approach.


Bhutanese people like to lead a spiritual life rather than busy materialistic life although with development and globalization the trend is changing. Even today we can see a lot of people spent most of their leisure time dedicated to religion. People here don't go for an evening or morning walk but most of them prefer to go to a nearby temple or stupa and circumambulate it. By circumambulating such temples or stupas it is said that will gain good merit.

Carbon Negative

Today, Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world. The Constitution of Bhutan mandates 60% forest coverage for all times to come. Currently, a total of 72.4% of Bhutan’s landmass is covered with forest making it a safe haven for flora and fauna. 

Peaceful Country

Bhutan is one of the most peaceful and safe countries in the world to live and visit. The crime rates are very low as of now.


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