Trongsa Valley

Trongsa is a district that falls exactly at the center. It also has a large range of elevation. And almost all 9 cereals can be grown in this region. And popularly they grow rice as the main food crop.

Trongsa is actually derived from the name Tongsa- meaning new village in the local dialect. Though most of the people here speak Dzongkha as the main language there are also other dialects in the district that people speak.

It was also a very important place in an earlier time when the monarchy was not started. All the eastern and central districts had been ruled from this area by Trongsa Governer. 

Places to visit in Trongsa
Trongsa Dzong
Trongsa Dzong

It is located on the narrow spur overlooking Mangde chu. It dates back to the 16th century when the... more

Royal Heritage Museum
Royal Heritage Mueusm

This watchtower, which once guarded Trongsa Dzong against internal rebellion, stands on a ... more

Chendepji Chorten
Chendepji Chorten

Chedepji chorten is just by the roadside as when we drive towards Trongsa from Wangdue. It's in... more


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