Puankha is another district close to Thimphu and a popular destination for tourists. It's a beautiful valley, without much modern development. So you will see most of the culture is intact. It ahd also served as a capital until 1950s when the Third King of Bhutan Jigme Dorji Wangchuck has shifted to Thimphu.

Punakha valley has a pleasant climate with warm winters and hot summers. It is located at an average elevation of 1200 m above sea level. Owing to the favorable climatic conditions, rice has become the main cash crop cultivated in the region.

It's also a historic place in Bhutan which served as the capital till 1952 and still serves as the winter capital for the monastic body.

There are a lot of places that you may like to visit, hike or opt for an adventure such as river rafting. 

Places to visit in Punakha
Punakha Dzong
Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong, also known as Pungthang Dewachen Poi Phodrang was built in 1637 by Zhabdrung,... more

Chimi Lhakhang
Chimi Lhakhang

Chimi Lhakhang which literally means Temple of No Dogs, is located on the hilltop of Mistsena... more

Khamsum Yuelley Namgyel Chorten
Khamsum Yuelley Namgyel Chorten

It's a drive for 7 km from Punakha towards Gasa and then it's a 30-45 minutes hike. Khamsum Yuelley... more

Guest at Sangchen Dorji Lhundrup Nunnery
Sangchen Dorji Lhundrup Nunnery

It is located at a site, popularly known as Omolatsekha, is on a ridge overlooking three valleys of... more

Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge

It's one of the longest suspension bridges in the country. Actually, it was constructed inorder to connect... more

Dochula Pass
Dochula Pass

It is a Pass in between Thimphu and Punakha and La basically means Pass. It's at the elevation of 3150 ... more


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